Engineered Monofilament’s (EMCO) carrier cord has proven to be a critical component in the design of our assembly fasteners.

Meihotech of Japan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial fasteners. In the production process of our fasteners, we use EMCO’s carrier cord which consistently outperforms the competitions’.

The monofilament’s yield, roundness, strength and clean breaking properties make it ideal for this application. Although we have been using EMCO’s product for years, we began purchasing directly from EMCO when our regional supply was cut off due to the earthquake/tsunami that devastated Japan in March, 2011. We will never forget the prompt and generous support we received from EMCO.

EMCO has been a reliable supplier offering on-time deliveries, and excellent customer service. We believe that Meihotech and Engineered Monofilaments can build a long-term trusting relationship.