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 Adcero Materials launches novel, enabling Flame Resistant Nylon 3D Filaments

First of its kind with inherent flame resistance

Waltham, Massachusetts: Manufacturers are constantly looking to increase safety and improve the performance of their products. This is particularly applicable in the automotive, aerospace, appliance and electrical industries. Until now, the only viable option for flame resistant 3D printing materials was with treated inferior plastics with low levels of flame retardancy. Today Adcero Materials has released a superior Nylon 6 product with inherent, lasting flame resistance characteristics that will enable greater safety and higher performance.

“We have developed a formulation and a process by which we are able to create Nylon 3D filaments that are flame resistant at the highest levels.” Said James Kawski, Director of Business Development of Adcero Materials. “Nylon has proven to be a superior material for parts that are used in situations that demand high performance. Coupled with it’s inherent flame resistance, Adcero’s V2 and V0 nylon filaments and resins address a previously unmet need; production quality performance and long lasting flame resistance.”

Adcero Materials has developed unique proprietary techniques and formulations that incorporate common dopants directly into the molecular chain of synthetic polymers. Competitive materials simply employ additives. This Adcero process creates superior performance characteristics along with inherent long term stability. These nylon 3D printing filaments are competitive in all other performance characteristics shared by common Nylon materials.

About Adcero Materials: Adcero Materials, founded in 2017, is comprised of material scientists with a broad range of experience in a variety of industries. We are focused on bringing to market unique materials that solve high value problems. We are currently in development of other materials that address other critical real world challenges.