“Creating Solutions That Work For You”

Whether you’re developing a new product or modifying an existing one, we’ll work with you to acquire the right combination of materials and properties to fulfill your product’s performance demands. Our engineering and imaginative approach have contributed to the development of many innovative and proprietary monofilament products fulfilling unique applications for some of the most prominent companies in the United States.

Carrier Cord

An international tool manufacturer needed a large polyolefin filament for an automated assembly operation. The filament needed to be round, compressible and strong enough to carry assembly fasteners to the application, but still able to cut cleanly without leaving a tail. Experimenting with different raw materials and resins, EMCO developed a one-of-a-kind product that outperformed the competition and enabled our client to reach maximum potential.

DemisterDemister from Engineered Monofilaments

Demisters are used in various applications, such as environmental scrubbers that help prevent atmospheric pollution by eliminating acidic stack gas plumes and capturing submicron particles. Because of our ability to create custom products, our polypropylene monofilament is used in a wide array of end-use applications, and none is more rewarding than those that help the environment.

Single Filament Brush Bristle

A client wanted to design a disposable, soft tip, single strand monofilament brush that would be used to apply medication. The bristles had to be round and needed to maintain critical tolerances in production. No stock product met the client’s requirements, so custom extrusion was necessary. To further complicate the issue, the client required only a small run and was having trouble finding a vendor that would manufacture such a product under these conditions.

We looked at the options and realized we could easily adapt processes originally developed by EMCO. We were able to successfully produce a hybrid fiber to create a round, single strand that could be flagged to a feathered tip, from which the brush could be made. This precisely-sized strand maintained a diameter consistency within .5% – —well within our client’s needs. Even with the extensive R&D involved, we were able to deliver the product on time and on budget.

Cable Filler

Our client needed a strong, lightweight, hygrophobic filler for an electrical cable with a high insulation value. After looking at the options, we soon realized that customization would not be necessary-— because the solution was already an EMCO product. Although it had never been used in this capacity, oriented polypropylene foam (PPFO) matched the customer’s needs perfectly. It has a high yield per pound, is hygrophobic (unlike the traditional twisted paper/jute materials), and adds overall strength to the cable.

Now one of our top sellers, PPFO is quickly becoming known in the wire and cable industry for its excellent insulation properties, strength, and value. While other companies make foamed polypropylene, ours is the most versatile on the market, providing a structural core around which to build cables.

Your Custom Application Could Be Next…

At EMCO, we pride ourselves on our ability to find a solution for all kinds of specific needs. If we don’t already have it, we can create it. Give us a try!