PPFOCable filler - Engineering Monofilaments

Foamed polypropylene (PPFO) is an excellent cable filler, and its sales as such have confirmed its worth as an exceptional product. Its superior physical properties and high yield per pound, contribute to its quality. The following characteristics set our PPFO apart as a cable filler:

  • low density; light weight; provides high yield per pound
  • superior strength contributes to the overall strength of the cable
  • high dielectric strength, which makes it an excellent insulator (~600 v/mil)
  • relatively inert; resists most chemicals and solvents
  • round shape with structural integrity easier to process and maintains the integrity of the cable
  • hygrophobic (does not absorb moisture)
  • non-wicking and rot resistant


Nylon monofilament is a popular choice for cable applications that require a cable filler with high strength and heat resistance.

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