Nylon monofilaments are a great choice for many general-use monofilament applications, including:

  • electrical cable filler cordNylon - Engineered Monofilaments
  • webbing
  • netting
  • screening
  • hose and tube reinforcement
  • string and line applications
  • braided sleeving
  • non-roll waistband and straps

Typical characteristics of nylon include:

  • higher working temperatures
  • strength
  • roundness
  • good bend recovery
  • abrasion resistance

General Use Nylon Grades

66 – This grade is ideal for applications that require high working temperatures. 66 nylon monofilament is very strong and has excellent shape retention qualities, which makes it suitable for narrow fabrics and textiles.

6 – Type 6 nylon offers less stiffness, a 65 °F lower melting point, and higher moisture absorption than 66 grades. This general purpose nylon works well for a variety of applications including cable filler, and netting. Various grades of type 6 are available if additional softness and flexibility are required.

Need a Custom Solution?

Other nylon grades not seen here are available upon request.

If our products are not adequate as listed, please contact us. We’ll work with you to create a nylon monofilament that works for you.