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General Use PolypropylenePolypropylene - Engineered Monofilaments

Polypropylene provides an attractive choice for many general and specialized applications requiring a monofilament, with good solvent and chemical resistance, superior dielectric strength, low moisture absorption, low density and high yield—at a lower cost.


A general-purpose, unmodified polypropylene monofilament, P/P is an excellent choice for a variety of uses, including filtration and braided sleeving. Learn more about polypropylene monofilament.


Polypropylene-ethylene copolymer is similar to straight polypropylene, but softer and more flexible, which makes it ideal for weaving.

EMCO Polypropylene Products

In addition to industry standard polypropylene products, EMCO offers several proprietary polypropylene products to our clients.


Internally foamed to improve roundness, our foamed polypropylene, or PPFO, yields more yards per pound due to its 20–25% lower density. Well suited as cable filler or netting, it has excellent electrical insulating properties, which EMCO was the first to recognize. In addition to being strong and hygrophobic, its round shape reduces kinks. Also, it’s available on large spools for longer, continuous runs. These features make PPFO a popular choice for various applications such as double wall tank spacing and wire and cable construction. Read more about EMCO’s PPFO.


Our PPUV product is a stabilized version of polypropylene, but with much-improved resistance to ultraviolet rays. It is ideal for outdoor use or where strong fluorescent lighting is a factor. It is lightweight and easy to use, which appeals to agricultural industries who need vineyard fencing and protective covers for aquaculture ponds.


An internally foamed version of the CP grade, EMCO’s CPF was originally developed through our customized client services. Our CPF offers increased yield and improved roundness, and it is ideal when compression resiliency is desired, such as in small-parts conveyance cord.

Contact Us for a Custom Solution

If you find that our products are not quite right for your company, contact us. We’ll work with you to create a polypropylene monofilament that suits your needs.