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Custom Disposable Medical Component Solutions

Welcome to Prepco Medical, your trusted partner for cutting-edge medical device manufacturing solutions. With a rich history of expertise and in-depth knowledge, we specialize in a wide array of processes, including tube end forming, tube bending, annealing plastic, and medical device injection molding and overmolding, medical pad printing, and skiving. Our product range encompasses a wide variety of medical applications, such as drainage tubes, catheters of varying types and sizes, and dilators.

Innovative Catheter Design with Advanced Tip Forming.

Tube End Forming

Precision Tip Forming by Prepco

Catheter Tipping

Precision Cathetr Tip Forming Prepco Medical

Tip Forming & Catheter Design

Precision Medical Device Assembly

 Medical Injection Molding

Image featuring Prepco Medical’s skiving, precision punch and plastics, and catheter cutter technologies.

Hole punching / Skiving / Notching

A close-up image of a bundle of catheters manufactured in bulk by Prepco Medical.

Introducer Catheter

Prepco Inc - Expertise in Precision Pad Printing for a Variety of Catheter Tubes.

Pad Printing

Your Partner in Catheter Engineering and Precision Manufacturing, Specializing in RF Bonding, RF Welding, and RF Plastic Welding

End Forming Process

Innovative Catheter Design by Guiding Catheter Manufacturers

Catheter Manufacturing

What sets us apart is our unparalleled proficiency in tube end forming, dilators, tips and dies, end forming processes, tube forming, bullet tipping die techniques, and tube flaring and flanging. Our easily customizable catheter manufacturing equipment allows us to rapidly produce prototypes and get your product into product efficiently. We have a wide array of semi-automated skiving and tube hole punch equipment.

Our state-of-the-art tube end forming equipment and extensive production capabilities empower us to deliver high volumes of top-quality products with swift turnaround times and minimal setup charges.

At Prepco Medical, one of the leading catheter manufacturers, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation, and we’re here to transform your unique medical device concepts into realities that set new industry standards.


Certified Clean Rooms

With 7200 ft² of manufacturing space that includes 3000 ft² of ISO class 8 cleanrooms. The complex catheter and implant devices we manufacture adhere to comprehensive traceability and strictly enforced written procedures at each step of the manufacturing process.

The cleanrooms are fully equipped with injection molding machines, packaging, and custom forming & cutting equipment to meet your diverse manufacturing requirements.


Experts & Quality Assurance

Our ISO 13485:2016 Certified Team of engineers, material experts, skilled technicians and Quality Assurance Specialists make Prepco Medical, stand out from the rest.

Your Partner in Catheter Processes with Expertise in Assembly and Clean Room Environments.