Prepco Medical Assembly

From Prototype to Production

Prepco Medical, your trusted partner for precision assemblies, excels in turning ideas into reality. Our expertise, from prototyping to full-scale production, is marked by rapid turnaround times and uncompromising quality. Together, we’ll ensure success in the evolving field of medical device assembly.


Your Partner in Catheter Processes with Expertise in Assembly and Clean Room Environments.

Prototype and Short Run Development

At Prepco Medical, we recognize the importance of early-stage development and small-volume production. We’re more than willing to assist with your prototype requirements, design verification, and small-volume production runs. Our dedicated team at our medical device contract manufacturing company is here to help you explore your initial ideas. As your project grows, we can scale up production to provide you with high volumes, ensuring your success.

Rapid Turnaround Times

At Prepco Medical, we understand that time is a valuable resource in the medical device industry. We’re proud to offer rapid turnaround times, ensuring that your projects move from concept to reality with exceptional speed and efficiency. Our commitment to delivering high-quality assemblies on time is at the core of our operations, enabling you to meet your market needs and deadlines.

Experience and Expertise

Our team brings extensive expertise to the table. We’re equipped to take your ideas and transform them into functional prototypes and reliable assemblies. With years of experience in the medical device industry, we understand the unique challenges and quality standards that your projects demand.

Prepco Medical understands that every detail matters in the medical device industry. Our commitment to precision extends through catheter tipping, hole forming, pad printing, skiving, molding, and precision cuts. Trust us as your partner in delivering high-quality, reliable, and compliant medical device assemblies. Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life with precision and expertise at every step of the assembly process.